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Definition: The act of repossessing (= taking back property or goods from somebody who has arranged to buy them but who still owes money for them and cannot pay).

* All fourteen elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize).

2. Considered a necessity to get thing back.

3. Legal or lawful. That is, action will be backed by law.

4. Property or goods being taken back is/are the original(s) that was/were sold, not some replacement that is/are of lesser quality.

5. Thing is or will still be useful, usable or valuable after being taken back (to emphasize, connect to #4).

6. Terms and conditions and/or processes or procedures guiding the actual, physical collection of items are observed and complied with - notice or notification, inspection, documentation, receipt/acknowledgment, etc.

7. Property or goods are collected at the right time (connect to #6).

8. No injuries to persons or damage to property or goods in the process of taking back items.

9. Items are deposited or delivered intact, complete and timely, to the appropriate store, warehouse, etc. by repo man or collector(s).

10. No refunds or reimbursements on 'seizure' of items, unless ... . (Connect to #3 & #6.)

11. No return of property or goods is made, especially if a 'balance' or an installment is offered or 'paid' after the items are taken.

12. Action serves purpose(s).

13. No unplanned loss arises from action and no legal issues arise afterwards.

14. (Reserved.) (Item will not be 'sold' to this same 'debtor' again, whatever arrangement(s) is/are later put in place.)

>> .. WHAT SORRY ?

(See perfect REPO MAN.)

(See perfect NO APOLOGIES.)


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